The 23 Days Of Bradley J’s Birthday!!

Let me start by saying everyone I know celebrates a birthday and birthday parties are the best no matter what age you’re turning!  Cake, Ice Cream presents & friends and family come by to wish you a Happy Birthday!!

Well I worked with a guy who took celebrating his birthday to a new level and that was to celebrate his birthday for an entire week!!

I thought that was pretty cool and thought how could I prolong my birthday from just one day to more then a week well since my birthday is November 23rd I thought why not start on November 1st and celebrate until the 23rd and call my celebration “The 23 Days of My Birthday”!!!!  So I now celebrate my birthday for 23 days and each day I spoil myself with something little until the 23rd when I go and buy me something special for my birthday!

Silly I know but it makes me smile and  I have SOOOO much fun!!!!

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