Carrie Underwood’s Underwhelming Christmas Surprise

When it comes to Christmas gifts, the anticipation of opening them is half the fun. Not in Carrie Underwood’s world. She doesn’t have to┬átry to be sneaky. No peeking in the closet. No carefully peeling the tape back. You usually end up tearing the paper anyway. No looking under the bed. It’s never been like that for Carrie. Blame her mom…

It almost seems like she missed out on one of the great joys of childhood. A rite of passage. It’s when some of us learned Santa really won’t show up if you mess with the gifts. My mom always told me Mr. Claus dropped some presents off early. He would take them back Christmas night if I didn’t leave them alone. Can’t say I always listened. I can say Santa never took anything back. Mom, thanks for not telling!


Jim Daniels


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