Dr. Pepper Rock: Lost, Again.

Where has that pesky Dr. Pepper Rock gone off to now?!

THIS time the Rock will be taking on the theme of “Pick a Pepper and Pick the Right Rock!” and “Back to School”

In case you aren’t familiar with this contest and want to participate – because of the outstanding prize – here is our shot at an explanation: The Rock, manages somehow to get lost. (Okay, we hide it.) The Rock can be found somewhere in Shawnee County on public property (so you will not have someone yelling at you or chasing you out of their back yard).

Please note: To find The Rock, no special equipment is necessary and you will not need to move, alter/change or damage any public property or grounds to find the rock!

The Dr. Pepper Rock is decorated with beautiful 94.5 Country and Dr. Pepper logos for easy identification.

The BIG 94.5 Country will post clues at different locations, giving you little hints as to the location of The Rock.

Clue #1 will go 7/25 to 7/31
Clue #2 will go 8/1 to 8/7
Clue #3 will go 8/8 to 8/14
Last clue will go 8/15 to 8/21-or until found


The lucky person who finds the rock will win:

a $500 gift Card to Jock’s Nitch! Just in time for back to school shopping and football season!

Clue Locations:

Look for clues on the Dr. Pepper displays found at any of these locations – plus, while you’re there, check out the Dr. Pepper specials like $1 two liters of Dr. Pepper products!!

  • WalMart on California in Topeka
  • WalMart of Rochester Road and 24 Highway in North Topeka
  • WalMart on 37th Street in Topeka
  • WalMart on Wanamaker in Topeka
  • Brand New WalMart in Holton
  • Jock’s Nitch in the lower level of the Westridge Mall in Topeka

Jock's Nitchwalmart_logo

If you find The Rock you must bring it to the WIBW Studio located atop Huntoon Hill at 1210 Executive Drive to claim your tickets. All Station Rules Apply

Keep your radio tuned to The Big 94.5 Country for details.

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