Fall & Float Into Fitness – Update!

What a past couple of weeks! We’ve been crazy busy around the radio station! Here’s an update on my last couple of weeks!

Chocolate Week
This week was dedicated to training for the Winged Foot 5K, and it paid off! I ran the race in 29:25, my best pace yet, AND I was rewarded with chocolate milk and a chocolate cupcake – doesn’t get better than that!

Last Week
This is when things got pretty busy, so my workout scheduled ended up being one of those weeks where I just fit it in where I could! Some great strides on that though…I ran FIVE MILES on a workout, had a great night run, and had a fun return to one of my “old faithful” Zumba classes.

This Week
Much like last week, this week is dedicated to fitness where I can! Monday boasted a 2 mile run, yesterday I attended a cardio class AND Zumba class, and tonight, I went to Zumba again! Tomorrow, I hope to run, and Friday I hope to get myself up early early for another Zumba class.

Weight Update
Monday 9/25: 189
Monday 10/2: 191.3
Monday 10/9: 184.8

I’m down 3.4 total from Week 1!

Float Update
Folks, I cannot say enough good things about floating. It’s incredible. For an hour, I’m able to completely & utterly relax. I truly feel disconnected from any worries or stress I have, and I let it go for a an hour. I usually doze off at one point or another! It relaxes my body, too, which is great for someone who works out as much as I do! For more information on Midwest Float, click HERE.

For more information on other workout classes at Great Life, click HERE.


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