Jim Daniels Is Kicking Butt(s)

Find a vice that satisfies like smoking did. My chosen vice has been oranges. No kidding. Plowing through a bag in a couple of days is easy. I figured in the event I turned to food it should be something healthy. So far, so good. It helps that I really do like oranges.  Hopefully I still will after this.

The transition from smoker to former smoker has been a process. It started about two years ago when I decided I would no longer smoke at work. A year later I got a new car and promised myself not to smoke in it. Little by little I chipped away at the habit. Recognizing patterns and consciously changing them until they became the new normal.

Just over three weeks ago I decided that was it. The tightwad in me sat down, did the math and added up the cost. I am ashamed to admit that I figured I was spending about two thousand dollars a year on cigarettes. That is my new motivation. Yes, health is important, but saving for a vacation or paying off the mortgage a little faster appeals to me even more. That’s the tightwad speaking. Those are my new vices, along with oranges.

If by chance you are struggling to quit, just do it. Did I feel like crap for a few days? It was worse than that. I viewed it the same as getting over any illness. A period of discomfort and I’ll be up and running again. You can be stronger than the addiction. You will be up and running again. In fact, once you can breathe easier you might take up running!


Jim Daniels






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