Mom Gets The Truth


Listen to this comment  from Eric Church regarding his mother and how honest, or dishonest, he was with her growing up…

Hearing Eric Church speak like that reminded me of the time I came clean about some shenanigans my mother never knew the truth about. For instance when I broke my arm. The story when I was 16 years old was that I had an accident on a rope swing.

The truth? Some friends and I were hanging out at a park past curfew. There might have been some alcohol involved. Still struggling with the truth. We got the bright idea to climb on top of one of the shelters. When it was time to get down I fell off the roof onto the concrete base. I suffered with pain in my left arm until late the next morning before notifying my mom that something was wrong. She took me to the hospital. X-rays indicated a fracture.

She finally got the truth about ten years later at a family gathering. I thought by then it would be a funny story. I will never forget the look of shock and disappointment on my mother’s face. That may have been worse than the punishment that I would have received had I told the truth originally.

Life lesson learned.




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