It pays to hoard…sometimes!

I have been accused of being somewhat of a hoarder. Okay, it’s really just my daughter that has called me a hoarder. I say she needs to wait til she’s a mom. Keeping things is just a “MOM” thing. ¬†We never know when we might need extra construction paper or zip lock baggies or pipe cleaners. Markers? Crayons? Yes, I know we haven’t used them for 10 years and we have moved them from 3 different houses, but I know just where they are when we need them. Besides, who wants to have to go buy some when we have some in that box in the closet…See what I mean. Now don’t event get me started on keepsakes like old school papers or name tags. How can a mom throw something like that out? We might as well tell the world that we don’t love you…the message is the same, in my mind.

My greatest vindication comes when something I have kept (hoarded) becomes valuable in pop culture circles! It give me the perfect “See! I told you so” moment. When I came across this article, you can only imagine how triumphant I felt!!

So to all my fellow momma-hoarders, REJOICE!




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