Pick Your Pepper, Pick Your Music

This summer, Dr Pepper says Pick Your Pepper, Pick Your Music.  Head on over to your nearest Dr Pepper retailer and snap a selfie showing your favorite Dr Pepper label.  Then post it on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #Pick Your Pepper Sweeps.  That’s hashtag Pick Your Pepper Sweeps.  Share and you’ll be entered to win your choice of crave-able music experiences!  Whether you’re into rock, country, alternative, Latin or Pop, Dr Pepper has you covered when you Pick Your Pepper so you can Pick Your Music.  Can’t get to a Dr Pepper retailer?  No problem.  Log on to Pick Your Pepper Sweeps dot com and enter online.  That’s Hashtag Pick Your Pepper Sweeps or Pick Your Pepper Sweeps dot com.  Dr Pepper.  The One You Crave. No purchase necessary. See Pick Your Pepper Sweeps dot com for full details and official rules.



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