Shorty goes to Camp!

Shorty the Wonder Horse recently spent the afternoon getting to know the kids at The Topeka Zoo summer day camp! The kids were learning about “Micro and Mini” animals and Shorty was invited to show off his ‘shortness”.

And in true Shorty style, he was a gentleman. He stood perfectly still as 45 kids and more than a few camp counselors surrounded him. Shorty ┬áreceived lots of pets and hugs and kisses and even a few “selfie shots”. I am amazed at Shorty’s personality when he is making public appearances. He is sweet and patience. Most of the time, his ears are perked as he listens to the ooo’s and aw’s of his admirers. Other times, he cocks one hind foot and gently dozes as all the little hands stroke his abundant mane.

Why does this amaze me? Doesn’t Shorty act like this all the time? He seems like a lazy little thing that just loves just standing around. To that I say: “HA HA HA!” That is why his perfect manners amazes me, cause at home, it’s anything but being a gentleman…more like a little trouble maker. Needless to say, Shorty does have lots of personality, like multiple personalities. I’m just glad one of those personalities is well behaved when his fans are watching. See for yourself with the video I took as soon as we got home from his outing at the Zoo.


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