Torey’s 5K Fitness Challenge: COMPLETED!

Hey there, Topeka! How’s the running going? It’s been a hot minute since I posted, because you know…life! We’ve had a couple big events – you may have heard of them?? Country Stampede, Fiesta Mexicana…just to name a couple 🙂

Well, I did it. The goal was to train and run a 5K, and this past Saturday at the Sunflower State Games, I succeeded!

After nine weeks of training, the hard work paid off, and I got my fastest time yet! My two practice 5Ks were 32:41 & 32:47, and I was able to speed it up five seconds and I finished with a time of 32:36. Compared to my race three+ years ago, I shaved a full minute off! Before, during, and after the 5K, I definitely have thought a lot about what the challenge has taught me – and I’d like to share those thoughts with you!

  • You can always run longer than you think you can.
  • You HAVE to eat right along the way. Your body can feel it during a run if you’ve cheated on your diet.
  • Getting the negative split that you train on is next to impossible when you start with 50 other runners who run faster than you.
    A negative split is running the second half of the race faster than the first half. 
  • When you realize you’re pacing faster on both mile 1 and mile 2 than you have been in training, running mile 3 scares you.
  • Don’t pour water all over your shirt in 76 degree weather with 78% humidity next to a LAKE. It makes your shirt really heavy and hot.
  • Mile 3 (and the .1) is REALLY HARD.
    Seriously, .1 miles is only two football fields, but it feels like 100.
  • Running to the right playlist changes lives.
    I trained with specific songs designed to play at certain parts of the race, and it was the best thing I ever did. 
  • There is a such thing as runners’ high, and it’s unbeatable.
  • Mental toughness is the biggest hurdle to get over during the run. Get over your brain, and the run is the easy part.

The biggest takeaway I got from running the 5K is that I’ve made running part of my life and my routine. Three days a week, I’m up early, getting in at least 1-2 miles. It’s something I’ve grown to love, and I already have my next two 5Ks set: I’m planning on running the Winged Foot 5K on September 30 and the Winter Wonderland 5K on November 18! Who’s going to join me?


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