Torey’s 5K Fitness Challenge: Done in 60 Seconds!

I am on week 2, day 3!!! Technically, today is a rest day for the training workout , but I decided to do a quick activity that will coincide with Week 6, Day 5.

Done in 60 Seconds is an activity where you challenge yourself to see how many pushups, situps, burpees, and squats you can do in 60 seconds (1 minute). You do this repeatedly over a certain amount of time, and see if you improve your numbers! Here is the sheet you can print to track your numbers. I am doing this monthly, but you can do however often you like (weekly, etc).

My Results

Pushups: 13
Notes: I clearly don’t know how to do a pushup.

Situps: 20
Notes: I don’t mind situps. I’m good with this number.

Burpees: 14
Notes: Wow, I hate burpees.

Squats: 39
Notes: Easiest one! Glad I ended with it!

Like I said, I am doing this monthly. The next time I see how many I can do in 60 seconds will be Friday June 23 at Country Stampede! I will be challenging people in the campgrounds to these challenges – if you are challenged and you win, you will receive a ticket upgrade! Get your Country Stampede tickets at!

June Goals

Pushups: 18

Situps: 30

Burpees: 20

Squats: 45


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