Torey’s 5K Fitness Challenge: Favorite Fitness Apps

It’s week 3 day 3! As with all the Day 3s, it’s a rest day! Today I want to talk about my favorite fitness apps. I use apps for both running and general fitness, and these are the ones that I use weekly, and daily in some cases! I have found that keeping a fitness folder on my home screen is the best way to access these quickly! All of these apps are free (you do have to purchase a fitbit to sync), and they offer better packages if you want to purchase the “pro” versions.

And yes, that’s my emoji-labeled folder!

Map My RunĀ 

Map My Run is the app I use when I am doing free runs (Saturdays on the 5K Plan) or my walks. This app is so simple! You open it, select your exercise (my most commonly used ones are running & dog walking!), press start, and then you just run! It will track your route, your mileage, your pace per mile, and more info. If you run with headphones in, it will tell you when you hit mile increments and your pace right in your ear. You can save your runs to view them later, and take part in challenges with the map my run community!

My Fitness Pal.

My Fitness Pal has been THE gamechanger for my fitness journey. I have been on a weight loss journey as well as trying to exercise more, and this app tracks your calorie intake. You enter in your basic information (height, weight, age, activity level), your goal (you can aim to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight), and then you track all of your foods that you eat. You can also enter your own meals (i.e. my Chipotle bowl is already entered!), and track your exercise. It will take the calories you burned from exercise and add them to your food calories you can eat! I love this app. And yes, I had a banana, cereal, and coffee for breakfast this morning.


If you have a fitbit, you should already know about this app! This is the app that syncs with your fitbit to track your fitness and your sleep. You do have to purchase a fitbit to use this app, and if that’s something you have been thinking about, I encourage it! You can also use this as a food tracker (I prefer MFP). You can set goals, track your weight & your sleep, and compete in challenges with your friends!

Interval Timer

I found this app when I started the 5K training! And I LOVE IT! You can completely customize your intervals with time, high impact / low impact, how many sets, even down to the sound that will cue you to switch intervals! If you are searching for an interval app, this is by far the one. It is so good!

Those are my favorite fitness apps!


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