Torey’s Fit Life: 2018 Goals

Woof. That’s how you can describe life sometimes. Considering it’s been a hot minute since I posted about fitness, that’s accurate for my life since the last time I posted was in November.

BUT, I’m back! The year is 2018, and this year, it’s all about¬†Torey’s Fit Life.¬†It’s about a lifestyle, not just one particular goal or challenge – along the way, partners may be coming onboard to help me with this, but regardless, I’m going to keep at it!

Here are my 2018 Fit Life Goals:

  • Run 11 5Ks and 1 10K. The idea is to run one race per month, and I’ve already run my January race!
  • Exercise every single day. My minimum amount is a 15 minute treadmill walk, and some of the days, it’s only been that. But I’m also happy to say that 29 days in, I’m good there too!
  • Record a photo of that exercise! To help keep me accountable for exercising every day, I’m taking a picture of it! See below for some of my favorites so far.
  • Vary up my workouts – I’m plateauing a bit with the weight loss, so I need to change up my workout and get some variety into my workouts! I still am going to run and Zumba, but maybe get some cardio in there too, as well as….
  • …weight lifting. I need to lift. I have a Warrior Dash in June, and that’s not going to go as well if I don’t get some more upper body strength.
  • Hit my goal weight of 150 pounds!

There we go. My posts here on forward will reflect more the journey and how it goes versus hitting just one milestone, or completing one challenge. Yes, these are goals, and these are things I want to accomplish – but life has a lot to do with other things= so you’ll hear about those too.




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