(Torey’s) Top Ten Emojis

We live in a technology world! Our days are no longer dictated by analog clocks or phones that connect to the wall. Rather, we’re all reliant on our fitbits, our laptops, and probably more than anything else…our cellphones!

A few years ago, Emojis came out and became a whole new world of communication. I know that my friend and I will play “Guess the Movie” using just emojis – I bet you have too! I find myself using the same emojis over and over, and my phone knows it too, because it has it’s own screen for me! Here are my Top Ten Most Used Emojis.

10. Flexed Biceps

9. Winking Face

8. Purple Heart

7. Raising Hands

6. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

5. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

4. Weary Face

3. Grimacing Face

2. Red Heart

1. Face with Tears of Joy

What are you favorite emojis? Let us know at our facebook page.


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