United we Fly!!

I am an American citizen who is also a woman, a mother, twice divorced and of Irish/German descent. I was raised in the Midwest, I  prefer country music and I own a few guns. So how many boxes did you just put me in? How many stereotypes did I just fall into? How many assumptions did you come to by reading these words about me?

Many government agencies have separated me into several categories. Yes, separated me. Taken me out of the main group and divided me into another group and then took that group and divided it again. They do that…not just to me, but to ALL of us.

I like working in my yard. Last weekend I was gathering sticks to put in the burn pile. I grabbed several and tried to shorten them by breaking them over my knee, but the bundle was too strong. I separated the sticks into smaller bundles and easily broke them in half.

I think of how I tackle cleaning the house. I divide the job into sections and then get to work because it’s easier to conquer the task by breaking it up into manageable work.

So how does it benefit the government to separate us into categories? To divide us into more manageable groups? How do they know if I like the left wing or right wing? Hey, I just like good wings!!

And what if they could get each group to fight against each other to insure that division? What are they trying to achieve? What would it hurt to just see us all as…Americans?

United we Stand, divided we FALL.



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