Where Are The Morel Mushrooms?

They can be elusive. Just because you found them somewhere last year doesn’t mean they will pop up in the same place this year. Morel mushrooms like to toy with hunters. After talking with a few friends that consider themselves “expert” hunters, I thought I’d share some tips.

Temperature is one of the most important factors. Above 60 degrees during the day. No lower than 50 at night. Soil temp should be just above 50 degrees. The sun can be a huge help. Look on slopes that are facing south. That ground will be the first to warm up.

Get out the day after a nice warm rain.

Trees can help you. Morels seem to appear around elm, ash,  and poplar trees most often. Of course, morel hunters will also tell you they have found the fungi growing in some unlikely places too. Like alongside a gravel road or in the middle of a field. Could they be trying to throw you off? I wouldn’t put it past a few of them. They have been known to be more protective of their favorite places than people who fish. We know the tales they tell!




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