Bradley J’s After Show May 4 2018

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First if you haven’t seen Averngers Infinity War don’t read any further . .
If you have seen the movie then you know that Thanos gets all the infinity stones and snaps his fingers and half the population on earth dies . . But what about YOU?  Did you make it?  Now you can find out. Just go to to find out….I was slain by Thanos for the greater good.


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Keith Urban was on Seth Meyers talking about getting his wife, Nicole Kidman, to sing backup on his song “Female” 
 Keith Urban also talked about recently performing at a club in Nashville when Nicole heckled him so Keith did what any performer would do in that situation


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Bebe Rexha Once Got Dumped In The Middle Of A Tour … she was touring with Nick Jonas, when her boyfriend suddenly sent her a text message ending their relationship.



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