Interview: Bradley J Talks with Kayla Schadegg about Down Syndrome Day!

On 21 March, choose some socks that are going to get noticed!  They might be mismatched socks or your craziest and most colorful socks, whatever takes your fancy!  The idea is to start a conversation, so when people ask you about your socks you can tell them, “I’m wearing them to raise awareness of Down syndrome”.  And then you can tell them everything you want them to know about Down syndrome. is the website for the international org that coordinates WDSD every year!
Photo Credit Bradley J
Info about Down syndrome:
Down syndrome awareness info:
Kayla works for Down Syndrome Innovations, which is a lifespan support org, they support individuals with Down syndrome and their families from diagnosis through the aging process–tons of caregiver education and connection, therapy services, employment coaching, adult continued education, and advocacy work!
Photo Credit Bradley J

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