Meet Stephanie Quayle!

We’ve been playing a new song called “Selfish”.  We think Stephanie Quayle could be

the next female to break through in Country Music.  She has quite a story.

Quayle traveled 9,000 miles on her summer “Winnebago Tour” in support of her latest project.

To promote the CD Quayle gathered sponsors to go on a promotional tour from the Empire State

to the Golden Gate and literally put Quayle on the road from coast to coast. 

“I just want to go live this song. I’d never seen the Hoover Dam before and I wanted to

take a picture under Mt Rushmore! Growing up in the West, my grandparents would

pull up in their motorhome and all the kids would jump in for the summer. It’s almost

like everything has come full circle — Here I am singing about traveling this great

country on the ultimate cross-country road trip in a new home on wheels!”

Partnering with national brands Kampgrounds of America (KOA), Winnebago, Polaroid

and regional influencers The RV Loft and Summerfield Farms, the tour became a reality

and took on a life of its own as Quayle played pop up concerts at must-stop destinations

like the top of the Empire State Building, Mt Rushmore, the Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls

while staying and performing at KOA campgrounds across the country. 


It’s an interesting story, let’s hope for great success for Stephanie Quayle.



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