Your Top 3 Stampede Memories

Keith Montgomery’s Top 3 memories of stampede?  I’ll share mine if you

share yours!

1. Keith Urban kicking down two barriers to take his guitar solo on  “You

Look Good In My Shirt” out into the crowd.  (2010)

2. Blake Shelton walking right up beside me in the 94.5 VIP area (casually).

And, saying “This is cool ain’t it?” (2009) I remember, it took me a few

minutes to figure out why the crowd was racing by me to get to him. (duh)

3. Kelly Pickler (forgetting it was Sunday Family Fun Day), drops a four letter

word bomb to the crowd.  Amidst the silence and open mouths, she finds a

way out of it.  (2009)  I think this is the same year we brought her a birthday


What’s your top 3 memories of stampede?  Rated “G” please!

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